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CO2 Freezing Treatment

Expert Exterminating is Bed Bugs Exterminator in The Bronx; we are offering a CO2 service to eliminate bed bugs from your rooms. We have been providing this service for many years with experienced and certified staff. We use incredibly cold CO2 liquid (carbon dioxide), which in results, immediately kills bed bugs. The liquid CO2 is changed into freezing dry ice snow that fixes the bed bugs to death. Cryolite® can pass through places where some other remedies cannot reach for an effective “kill.” Since the CARBON DIOXIDE snow is blown from the patented applicator’s nozzle, the actual gases quickly and deeply enter in mattress, box rises, below the edges of home furniture, breaks and crevices. These are the exact places where the bed bugs prefer to obscure; the treatment freezes them to death within their hiding areas.

Cryolite® is not just a progressive technology that is utilized to eliminate insects and bugs, but it is, yet, it is a branded non-toxic technology. This specific technology has been used for America with verified results, which are more efficient than any other treatments. This technology functions by publishing the system known as CO2, which kills insects such as roaches, floor beetles, as well as bed bugs, immediately on getting in touch with them.

Why CO2 Treatment by Bed Bugs Exterminator?

  • It maintains a pesticide-free atmosphere
  • Efficient towards many crawling bugs, such as bed bugs
  • Allows immediate connection with food products
  • Secure and simple to work
  • Reducing creation downtime
  • Eliminates almost all phases of bed bug phase, grown-ups, larvae, pupae, as well as ova
  • Dried out treatment without any commissions
  • Enables production to become carried on throughout treatment
  • Decreases fees

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Immediate freezing using CO2 is a Bed bug Exterminator exclusive service to get rid of bed bugs by cooling them with CO2 snow (dry ice) as well as with no use of harsh insect sprays or chemical substances. Just Bed bug Exterminator has Instant Freeze. CO2 is our best and unique service to get rid of bed bugs (such as their particular eggs as well as larvae) along with other pests in your house, college, and workplace. Utilizing CO2, Bed bug Exterminator resolves your bed bug issues without using chemicals as well as maintains your local area open up. It means there is NO REQUIREMENT to close a hospital or dorm room, and shut down the shop. Security workers can stay within the office, no need to send a college notice to home, and to secure households. We use CO2 snow to deal with all around the affected rooms and automobiles. CO2 permeates deep into splits and crevices to get rid of bed bugs through the places they are covering. It means the bed bugs tend to be dead, and you may keep your rooms open. You can also return to routine, relaxing on your home furniture after the treatment.





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